Funding Campaign

Time has come to build a series of prototypes for people to try and evaluate. I decided to use to try to fund the first batch. Click on the link on the sidebar and take a look at the project. Better still, contribute to the funding!

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4 Responses to Funding Campaign

  1. Rob says:

    What about instructions? What kind of “donation” would take for that? Thanks… love reading your site.

    • rt says:

      Hi Rob, what do you mean by this? would you be willing to give me instructions on how to play the guitar? I know I’m not good… any donation is welcome!
      Seriously, any participation in the project is welcomed. Let me know more.

      • Rob says:

        I was saying, if I may a donation of X would you provide me with instructions on how to put your new board together. Like you have a level of donation that provides someone with a kit to put everything together. Keep up the good work.

        • rt says:

          Hi Rob,
          Any donation will come with plenty of help for putting the board together, and using it. Of course, donations of $500 and up will get you a fully assembled beta-board. For $250 I can assemble the board for you. If you buy an FCB1010 from me, at cost, or if you send me yours, I will fine tune it for you.
          But the kit is really easy to put together. That was the purpose from the start. It really is plug-an-play. I even went through all the trouble of finding the exact connectors to fit on the existing sockets in the FCB1010. Anyway, I will publish very detailed instructions and a video. I can also help on Skype.

          Since this is still in beta, I consider it quite normal to offer any help requested.

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