Behringer FCB1010 – Ordering parts

I have ordered the parts needed to modify the main board. I am not sure yet which method will be used for the driving of the LEDs and switches, so I have ordered sufficient parts to be able to test two options.

The first option is the lazy one. I will use an Arduino Mega board. The Mega uses a more powerful processor than the Arduino Uno and, more importantly, provides many more ports for input and output connections. The board is about twice as expensive as the standard Arduino board.

The second option is to emulate, sort of, the method used by Behringer to control the input and outputs on the FCB1010. The method is called multiplexing. The trick is to use additional components to interface with the LEDs and switches that allow less pins to be used on the Arduino.


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  1. Chris Avatar

    Good afternoon,

    My FCB1010 has a broken pedal 2. The part holding the spring in place has become damaged. Do you know where I could get a replacement part from?

    Also, when i power the FCB1010 on it hums around the power socket. what could this be, and what part may be needed to resolve this, please?

    Many thanks


    1. Hello Chris,
      There are no springs holding the pedals. Only the brackets (with big nuts and bolts) and the tiny plastic film in the front. What is the symptom of your pedal? If it feels loose, you just have to tighten a nut/bolt or two. Send me more info.

      The hum could be caused by a failing power transformer. If it is really audible, I would suggest changing it. Otherwise, if it is not affecting performance, leave it alone. If I remember well, the transformer is generic, at about 9 volts. In any case, the transformer is in line with an T805 voltage regulator IC, so replacing it with a transformer of 7 to 12 volts should be OK. I will test this last statement and repost to confirm.

      1. Chris Avatar

        Thanks for the reply!

        I’ve taken the rear panel off and I can see where the spring sits behind the pedal, but the plastic part that holds the spring in place is all broken.

        I could send you an image of this to help if you send me your email address.

        Do you know where I can order spare parts (the casing in this case I think)/ transformer from, please?

        Kind regards


        1. Replied by email.

          1. Jason Avatar

            Would love to know the solution to the broken plastic part that keeps the spring in place against the pedal. Had the same problem here– crazy glue did it for a bit, but it just went again. Could probably makeshift something, but it seems rather hopeless without a replacement. I’d be grateful for any suggestions or pointers…

  2. Pietro Avatar

    Hi! during EPROM update I -my mistake- damaged the C25 capacitor (beside the eprom). Can I ask you the value of the capacitor or the circuit diagram?I’ll ty to find it somewhere…
    Thank you!
    Desperate Pietro…

    1. The C25 capacitor is 100 nF.

    2. Justin Avatar

      Just curious, did this affect whether or not the board would power on? Having trouble, myself.

  3. kc in Iowa Avatar
    kc in Iowa

    Hey I need the plexi for the light breaker on “a” peddle or do you have the whole peddle for sale???
    KC in Iowa

    1. Could you be more specific explaining what you need, please? I do not understand your request.


      1. kc in iowa Avatar
        kc in iowa

        I need the plexiglass light breaker strip attached to the “a” foot peddle.
        mine is broke and will not let the peddle control the “a” light breaker (optical control) leds.

        1. OK. Got it. I don’t have any spare for this. But you could make your own acetate replacements. If you are not already a member of this user group, you should: FCB1010 on Yahoo groups.
          Go in the “files” section, in the “hardware mods” section and there are a couple of guys who created templates for replacements that you can print yourself on acetate (projector slides).
          Let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll send some to you by email.


  4. Does anyone know the part number for replacement switches for the fcb 1010? Number 7 switch intermittently works and needs replaced on the circuit board

    1. This one works: and this is the digikey equivalent:
      Otherwise, your local electronics store should have something. There is nothing special about the switch. As long as the replacement fits in the holes. The switch is 6X6 mm.

  5. Thank you!!!

  6. I got to looking at this further and it appears to be the led. Would you happen to have a replacement number for the led’s for the 7 footswitch

    1. A very standard 3 mm red led. Should be available at any parts store for a few cents. I will try to see if the resistor gives me a hint on the led power, but everything looks very standard.

      1. Thanks again, do u know what voltage, 5v, 12v?

        1. You’re welcome.

          Everything in there runs on 5 volts.

  7. I’m wondering if I could use the arduino uno mega and a fcb1010 to send midi control to my zoom g3’s usb port.i can change patches from my computer,but I have been told I need a usb host to do it from a fcb1010. can the uno do that?

    1. I don’t think that you need an Arduino to send patch signals to the G3 if you go through a computer. Just have the computer receive the programmed signal from the FCB1010 and use a “patch” program to send it to the G3. I use “MIDIPatchBay” on my Mac and I am sure that something equivalent can be found for a PC.
      You can’t send the signal from the FCB1010 directly to the G3 without going through a computer, if that was your extension. (it can be done, but an Arduino is not sufficient)

  8. aleh Avatar

    hi…the #2 foot switch led went out….it seems to work fine but is there a way to replace the led light(red) for that switch? Or is it a signal that more could be wrong.In all my years i have never seen 1 led go bad on these fbc1010 pedals. thanx

    1. Its a very standard 5 volts LED. If you have a soldering iron, it will take you a few minutes to replace. Just a bunch of screws to remove…
      LEDs do go out every once in while. Check carefully, it might be a solder point that’s loose.
      Anyway, a burnt LED is not a sign of your FCB1010 going bad. That thing is a tank!

  9. Ales Avatar

    hi RT,
    when DIY-tweeking the fcb, I accidentally burnt the little red LED used for pedal position detection. it is that tiny board with one led and the optical detector and the shaded plastic from the pedal running in between.

    can you please confirm this is also a standard 5V LED?

    Thanks Ales

    1. It is a very standard 3mm red LED

  10. Nice article!

    I am contemplating a similar refurb, on the cheap, using an Arduino Micro with shift registers for input and output to keep the pin-count down. Looks good on paper, but I have yet to build the prototype.

    Do you happen to know whether the LEDs in the pedals are wired common anode, or common cathode?

  11. Martin Rawcliffe Avatar
    Martin Rawcliffe


    Sorry to try and resurrect a dead thread but I’ve got a problem. I’ve purchased some T50mAL205V Fuses to replace a dead one in my FCB and on insertion and turning on the power they just blow instantly.

    Do you have any advice? I’m using an EU model, 230VAC 50-60Hz 10W. The fuse I’ve used as a replacement is a

    Thanks in advance!

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