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Alesis Vortex: Modify the Ribbon Controller behavior

Some Keytar players use both hands on the keyboard part to play more complex notes arrangements. When I need to do that, I use a regular keyboard. As explained in a previous post, “I have seen keytar players “cross-under” the … Continue reading

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Alesis Vortex: Testing remote Patch switch

The Alesis Vortex, using firmware 1.20, can now receive and act upon Program Change requests. This means that you can select a Vortex Patch remotely. I tested the new feature using my M-Audio Oxygen keyboard, but this will work with … Continue reading

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Alesis Vortex: Direct Patch programming using SysEx

In the previous post, I did a quick review of the new Vyzex Vortex software program. I also put in some details about the new features in firmware 1.20. I also updated the detailed user guide that I wrote a … Continue reading

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Alesis Vortex: Firmware update 1.20 and Vyzex Patch Edit program available

Well, Alesis is listening to it’s users. They have just published a new firmware version for the Vortex. Version 1.20: Allows compatibility with the Vyzex Vortex patch editor software Allows the pitch-bend wheel to be reversed Allows any pad to … Continue reading

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MP-2 + MRe: Hacking the Alesis Vortex and using a Wireless Midi Transmitter

A two-project merge! The Alesis Vortex needed a bit more… controls! So I decided to add a few sensors that would give me greater flexibility when playing. The Vortex is already quite capable, but my left hand was not “used” … Continue reading

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Alesis Vortex: A better Manual: Functional Description and Midi Programming Guide

This Alesis Vortex User Guide is available as a PDF file. UPDATE 2013/11/7: Alesis posted a new firmware (1.20) and the Vyzex Patch Editing software on their site. I posted about the changes here. The new Firmware/Software combination kind of … Continue reading

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Alesis Vortex – First Review: What’s inside? (Tear Down)

I received an Alesis Vortex today: Of course, I will do a user review.  I also did a functional review. But first, a tear-down! (As usual, a click on the picture will enlarge it) I will try to be precise … Continue reading

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Tech Preview: Alesis Vortex (updated)

Update 16/1/31: The Alesis Vortex has been replaced by the Alesis Vortex Wireless . But the links below about in-depth reviews and complete user manual are still applicable and current. Update: 2012/12/21 – I am reviewing the Vortex in new posts. … Continue reading

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Alesis iO DOCK: A review

There will be no un-boxing. Sorry, but there isn’t much in the box. Actually, I won’t do much functionality review today. In this first review, I am more interested in what is INSIDE the Alesis iO DOCK. The Alesis IO … Continue reading

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Now, THAT is cool! The Alesis iO Dock

Update 16/1/31: The Alesis iO Dock has been retired by Alesis. It was replaced by the iO Dock II which is also deprecated. Oh well…   This is definitely something I will look at in detail when it becomes available.I’m … Continue reading

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