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Akai MPK261: One more thing using Sysex…

In a previous post, I explained how to control preset changes on the mPK261 using SysEx commands. In this post, I explain how to get the MPK2 series to show some tricked pad colors.

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Akai MPK261 (MPK2 series): Controlling the controller with SysEx

In this (very) technical post, I explain a method that will give you better control over the behavior of your Akai MPK2 series keyboard (tested on an MPK261). The goal is to be able to select one of the 30 “presets” stored in … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Akai mpk261 keyboard

AKAI MPK261 This is a review of the Akai MPK261 Midi Keyboard. You can find the detailed specifications on the Akai website. I only explain the particularities that are not obvious on the web site. Most of the information here … Continue reading

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Review: Zivix PUC+ for Bluetooth Midi Wireless

I’ve been a fan off wireless MIDI for a while. I built a few prototypes and I still use some of the devices I made. I might have found a replacement: Zivix just came out (fall 2015) with a wireless Midi transmitter, … Continue reading

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MIDI experiments: Stealing power for an Arduino

In the previous post, I explained a simple circuit that will indicate if a MIDI OUT port can provide 5 Volts and a little bit of current between pin 2 (ground) and pin 4 (+5 Volts). Not all MIDI devices … Continue reading

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MIDI experiments: A simple MIDI tester

While doing some research to build a simple MIDI tester, I started to study the “real world” MIDI electrical specifications out there. I also experimented with various MIDI equipment and measured some voltages. A simple MIDI tester MIDI specifications imply that … Continue reading

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Review: Alyseum AL-88c Midi Interface

UPDATE : 2016/10 Alyseum, the makers of this hardware product, have discontinued its manufacturing. They have a new product out, the U3-88c. It’s a USB 3 interface that provides similar functionalities, minus the Copperlan interface. The Alyseum AL-88c is a … Continue reading

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