FCB1010 – PU-2: Requirements and Wish List

I’ve identified some requirements for my second pedal board based on the Behringer FCB1010. Here’s a list for now:

  1. USB connection. This is a must, for fast and efficient programming and reprogramming. USB also makes it a lot easier to have bi-derectional communication with a computer, be it a Mac, PC, Linux, iPad, iPhone, etc.
  2. Emulate everything that the stock FCB1010 is doing now. That includes recceiving and sending Sysex commands.
  3. Emulate the Apogee GIO functionality. I have done this with the PU-1, although it is still a work in progress. On top of this, It should be able to emulate the GIO functionality in a PC or Linux environment.
  4. Be reliable and field-maintainable. Everything I build is rock solid. But I also want to be able to fix it anywhere, anytime if something happens…
  5. Phantom power: Since I’m using USB, the board will be powered that way. It will also accept a standard 9 volt pedal feed.

These requirements are a start. As soon as this first part is done, I will start adding functionalities. Examples:

  1. Time delayed midi sends: Pressing a pedal can send a midi command and releasing it will send another one. But the second message you be time delayed.
  2. Cancelling previous presses: pressing a different switch could send midi commands to cancel previous presses. This will be useful to turn stomp boxes on and off.
  3. Switches can have toggle or momentary functionality.

That’s what I will work on right away.

The prototyping is done using an Arduino Mega micro-controller. It’s easy to program and modifying the hardware is also (nearly) trivial.


Please, use the comment area to send ideas for functions that you would like to see in the board. Don’t be shy to ask any question. Or if you are… use the email link on the right side of the screen!


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  1. Great work here Robert!

    Yes, one of the key features you should look to add is the ability for the FCB1010 to do CC “Press/Release” functionality.

    e.g. Using the “Value” parameter of the MIDI CC command send value 1 on the Press and Value 2 on the Release.

    Many different amp modelers such as Amplitube etc are looking for this type of functionality and this feature would help many users.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

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