PU-2: Last delay

As I’m completing assembly of the first of five prototypes, I decided to test the unit before putting it all into a box. Since I want the PU-2 to include a USB-Midi interface, I use the technology that I documented here. I ordered a few more Midi interfaces from a local (North-American) EBay supplier. The USB-Midi interfaces that arrived were a different design than those that I used before, but I figured that I could still modify them and incorporate them into the PU-2 box. Problem…

The USB-Midi interfaces that I received do not tolerate long Midi Sysex sequences and the PU-2 stops at 399 bytes, well short of the 3080 bytes making the PU-2 Sysex message. I tried a second one to compare. Same results. They are going back.

Now, I have to wait for the bunch of (familiar) USB-Midi interfaces that I ordered from China at the same time. They will come. I just don’t know when…

Hang on, Beta testers!

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  1. rt says:

    The Ebay supplier for the first set of midi-USB adapter, iliveinca, is a bad Ebayer. I returned the adapters after explaining that they were defective. They first refused to acknowledge the receipt of the adapters. Then they refused to give me my money pretexting that the “return delay” was too long. After I explained that the pieces they sold me were DEFECTIVE, they still refused to reimburse my purchase. Bad.

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