Line 6 Pedal Board: USB interface, with Arduino


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  1. James Southard says:

    I started one of my projects using the cheap Chinese MIDI to USB cables (silver wire, black oval housing, LEDs, red-green-amber. Just a verbal description. the problem is a bunch of junck parts put on market with many errors in`programming includding units not using true midi standards, limited channels etc.

    I am a low volume producer of a midi device using 2 of the cables per system there for I am looking for a device simular to your sketch. I have need 0f sending a digital signal to an optical coupler via twisted pair MIDI standard current loop through custom circuit (your device) then the processed serial data to USB standards to my linux computer. I can handle the wiring but need the MIDI chip to signal the linux system thst this is a MIDI interface requirement plus a common name designator that does not change.

    Hoping this info gives you the background of my purchasing problem of a fully functioning MIDI to USB cable/convertor.

    Thanks for any assistance you can provide,


    James Southard

    • rt says:

      I’ve had varying success with cheap USB-Midi adapters. Sometimes they work just fine… But there’s a reason m-audio sells the Uno for ~30$!
      I now use’s Teensy when I need clean USB connections. They end up being the same price as an arduino + adapter. See this post for an example:

      I don’t understand why you need two cables per system. Can you explain?

      You can send me an email if you don’t want to share with others. There is a mail link on the top right of the page.

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