Line 6: Renaming it PU-1.

Time as come to put the Line 6 pedal board back together. I decided to call this particular board the Line 6/PU-1. I hacked it… then it is mine! The behringer FCB1010 will probably be the PU-2…

The PU-1 will serve as a test bed for new ideas and prototypes.

Each subsystem has already been tested and documented. The goal now is to put it all together, in the case, and complete the programming. This first version will be USB-Midi only. It is quite possible that the PU-1 will never have a true Midi interface. I mostly want to test computer interaction and design a Processing interface.

This is what’s going back into the PU-1.From the left:

  • Modified midi-to-USb adapter
  • Small rotary encoder
  • Arduino Duemilanove with s small prototyping board
  • The Line 6 Floor Board’s old main board
  • Expression and Wah pedal sensors
  • Main switch board

With everything in place and working.

Watch a short test and explanation:


2 responses to “Line 6: Renaming it PU-1.”

  1. Dean Avatar

    I have this floorboard and was just wondering if there was a product or patch that would allow me to control the amps and stop boxes in Logic so I did this search. Do you have the ability to package your device in a way that I can order one and have it simply work? I’m not a genius like you, just a musician who’d like to get use out of my old floorboard. I haven’t used it in many years because my Pod Pro has an intermittent issue that has not been solvable. And now the built in effects in Logic blow it away anyway. I’ve been contemplating a GIO but if you’ve got something to market, I’ll certainly be interested.

    1. Dean,
      The PU-1 was a one-off project. I had to modify the electronics in the floor board (read: destroy) and everything was made on a prototyping board. I have other projects I’m working on with other floorboards and I can take a look and see if I could make a simple plug-in modification for the Line 6 long floorboard. If I can, I’ll let you know.

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