MRe-2: A demo

I have decided to try the MRe-2 in a real setting. So I hooked up my keyboard and recorded a demo.

It was done using Ableton Live 9. The trick was to setup 2 midi loops (using clips). The first one is used to loop the riff that plays after the intro. I had to do a few takes to get it just right and get the timing on 2 bars. Also, three separate midi tracks were used to transform the ribbon-controller signal from a Midi CC to a Note On-Note Off sequence for the B note in the riff. The Alesis Vortex that I use does not allow a Midi Note On directly from the Ribbon Controller. I also did a version using the MP-1 where it intercepts the incoming CC and changes it to a Midi note. I decided to to the B note from the ribbon controller as a test and also because playing this on a keytar instead of on a flat regular keyboard places my right hand at an angle that makes using my thumb a bit more difficult.

Then I used a second loop for the initial bass line, which is just a note repeat.

The lead guitar uses the same sound as the riff guitar, on a separate track, but has to be coupled with the bass clips to break the second loop when necessary for bass variations.

The drums are pre-recorded Midi divided into a number of clips (I can only do so much live playing!). They are launched in sequence using the pedal board (a modified Behringer FCB1010). This also triggers the bass variations. I could also assign additional pedal board switches to go forward and back through the drum clips for a more improvised play, but this tune keeps me busy concentrating on the speedy guitar!


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  1. Peter Avatar

    Nicely done! Re- hand angle, can you manage the Vortex with a longer/lengthened strap to alter the playing position/angle?


    1. It’s a compromise. If I lower the Vortex, the left hand is stretched and becomes less comfortable. If I lower the right hand side of the Vortex, keeping the left hand side up, the accelerometer, which measures the angle of the instrument, gets affected. The accelerometer range is adjustable, though. I will eventually find the best position.

  2. Hi!

    Great tune.
    How exactly did you do the trick with the assignment of “note on / note off” on the ribbon controller?
    I tried a vst called “midicontroller3” which gives me an option to “note on” a certain note (e.g. the B for Thunderstruck) for a cc, but it doesn’t send a “note off” when the ribbon controller is released. Strange.

    Any help would be gladly appreciated!

    1. By default, when the ribbon controller is released, the Vortex sends a CC with a value of zero. That’s the one that you want to translate to Note Off. If your ribbon controller doesn’t send a CC with a value 0, it might be in “Latch” mode. Check the Ribbon section at

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