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RFM12B: Dealing with radio interference

This is a screenshot from the serial monitor of a JeenodeĀ (Arduino compatible) connected to my computer. It runs a program that will listen to incoming radio messages through its RFM12B radio transceiver. In this window, you can clearly see too … Continue reading

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MP-1: Improving reliability with ACK and adding a PANIC! button

Since the Jeenode’s RFM12B is a bit slow (transceiving at 49.2K bps) and midi is a bit slower at 31250 bps, the processor doesn’t have much time to process all the traffic. Keep in mind that the Jeenode has to … Continue reading

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Re-thinking the PU-2 interface: long live the MP-1

A lot of work was done on the PU-2 over the last many months by Emanuele and I. More specifically, we wrote hundreds of line of code to make the FCB1010 work with Banks of Stompbox mode midi commands. This … Continue reading

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