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Energy Monitor

EM-1: Energy Monitor – Completed Hardware

Christmas vacations are for having fun. I did have fun! I completed a project that had been sitting idle for some time: The Energy Monitor for the house/office. The project is described over a few other posts. Most of the … Continue reading

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EM-1: Calculating a burden resistor: an alternate method

I was having trouble calculating the burden resistor necessary for my 5 current sensors. I have 2 200-Amps on the mains coming into the house (I live in north-america), 2 100-Amps floating on different individual breakers and 1 30-Amps also … Continue reading

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EM-1: The microcontroller/programming part

This is the actual electronics for this project: Here’s the theory. The idea isĀ  that you first need a reference voltage to compare your sensor readings to. The voltage at the street varies a bit, and the voltage inside a … Continue reading

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EM-1: New project – Energy Monitor

While prototyping the PU-2 and testing a lot of new components to reduce cost and increase performance, I decided to allocate some surplus equipment to a new project: the Energy Monitor. Basically, the project uses an Arduino (of course) linked … Continue reading

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