Griffin Stompbox: A review

Update 16/1/31: Nothing left of this device on the Griffin site. I guess it has been retired (deprecated)

Since I develop pedal boards, I thought I’d give the Griffin Stombox a try. To see what others are up to.

The idea makes sense. A pedal board to control effects on the iPad.

Sadly, there are a few major problem with the execution.

First, it’s not hacker-friendly. To open the unit, one would have to un-glue the rubber feet under the unit. The screws are hidden. So I didn’t do it.

Second, IT ONLY WORKS WITH iSHRED LIVE software. Nothing else. Not Garage band. Not Amplitube. Not EveryDay looper. Nothing. Now, that’s a major roadblock.

Third, it’s not Midi anything. Nothing identifiable comes out of it.

On the plus side, the Stompbox is very well made, of metal and heavy plastic, with decent switches on top. I am quite certain that it could take some serious studio abuse. The kit also includes the Guitar connect Cable (retired). Again, sadly, the cable only works with the iShred app.


At $100, there is no way I will keep this one-trick-pony. Maybe more apps will embrace the technology in the future, but until then, the Griffin Stompbox is going back to Apple. Also, because it’s not using Midi, It cannot interact with anything else, unlike the Alesis iO DOCK, reviewed here earlier, which is double the price but quintuple the functionality! Since it connects to the iPad connector, you can’t use the connector for anything else, including charging the battery. Plus it connects the guitar (or other analog instrument) to the Mic input on the iPad. Sound degradation is inevitable.

Nothing more to say.


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