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MRe-2: XBee Midi emitter

In the previous post, I ¬†explained that I temporarily abandoned trying to use the RFM12B radio transceiver to exchange Midi information between two devices. This post explains how I successfully used the XBee radio transceiver to achieve sending information between … Continue reading

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RFM12B: Dealing with radio interference

This is a screenshot from the serial monitor of a Jeenode¬†(Arduino compatible) connected to my computer. It runs a program that will listen to incoming radio messages through its RFM12B radio transceiver. In this window, you can clearly see too … Continue reading

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MP-1: Improving reliability with ACK and adding a PANIC! button

Since the Jeenode’s RFM12B is a bit slow (transceiving at 49.2K bps) and midi is a bit slower at 31250 bps, the processor doesn’t have much time to process all the traffic. Keep in mind that the Jeenode has to … Continue reading

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EM-1: Energy Monitor – Completed Hardware

Christmas vacations are for having fun. I did have fun! I completed a project that had been sitting idle for some time: The Energy Monitor for the house/office. The project is described over a few other posts. Most of the … Continue reading

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