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Review: Zivix PUC+ for Bluetooth Midi Wireless

I’ve been a fan off wireless MIDI for a while. I built a few prototypes and I still use some of the devices I made. I might have found a replacement: Zivix just came out (fall 2015) with a wireless Midi transmitter, … Continue reading

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MIDI experiments: A simple MIDI tester

While doing some research to build a simple MIDI tester, I started to study the “real world” MIDI electrical specifications out there. I also experimented with various MIDI equipment and measured some voltages. A simple MIDI tester MIDI specifications imply that … Continue reading

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About MIDI connections: Identifying the Midi pin numbers

A short article to help identify MIDI pin numbers in all those circuit drawings  and photos on the internet.

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My ultimate versatile MIDI connection board: Versatility is the key

My Ultimate Versatile Midi Connection Board I work with Midi, a lot. I often have to plug equipment for testing instruments, circuits and interfaces. I often need to connect more than one device to a computer or micro-controller. So I decided … Continue reading

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Review: Alyseum AL-88c Midi Interface

UPDATE : 2016/10 Alyseum, the makers of this hardware product, have discontinued its manufacturing. They have a new product out, the U3-88c. It’s a USB 3 interface that provides similar functionalities, minus the Copperlan interface. The Alyseum AL-88c is a … Continue reading

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Alesis Vortex: Modify the Ribbon Controller behavior

Some Keytar players use both hands on the keyboard part to play more complex notes arrangements. When I need to do that, I use a regular keyboard. As explained in a previous post, “I have seen keytar players “cross-under” the … Continue reading

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MRe-2: XBee Midi emitter

In the previous post, I  explained that I temporarily abandoned trying to use the RFM12B radio transceiver to exchange Midi information between two devices. This post explains how I successfully used the XBee radio transceiver to achieve sending information between … Continue reading

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Alesis Vortex: A better Manual: Functional Description and Midi Programming Guide

This Alesis Vortex User Guide is available as a PDF file. UPDATE 2013/11/7: Alesis posted a new firmware (1.20) and the Vyzex Patch Editing software on their site. I posted about the changes here. The new Firmware/Software combination kind of … Continue reading

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MP-1: Wireless testing and midi commands

The MP-1 will include a wireless interface. I decided to test the possibilities of the technology I chose. Mainly, I will be using an RFM12B transceiver to exchange data between components. So, I designed a very simple interface using off-the-shelf … Continue reading

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VC-1: Volume Control Beta

The VC-1 is. On the left, the Silonex Audiohm opto-couplers (OC) with the electronic drivers. it has been described here. On the right, the line-buffer/impedance-controller described there. It works as expected, using two digital pins on the Arduino micro-controller to … Continue reading

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